Last month I had the opportunity to experience the thrill-ride of a five minute Ignite talk at SAO’s first ever TechIgnite event.  Here’s the intro description and video:

Software Is Massless

Our approach to software creation is largely based on our experience of constructing and interacting with physical objects. Software is massless and moves at the speed of light, so why do we delay our high aspirations for ecstatic outcomes and allow them to fade as we labor on structure, mechanisms and infrastructure? The time has come to break these self-inflicted chains that hold us back from our true potential as wizards of creation.

Lifting the veil, I’ll show you how to reconnect with the power to empathize and collaborate directly with customers and users to create the most important, meaningful parts of your software right from start instead of falling down the rat hole of system design. Then see how this inversion of fulfillment simplifies and minimizes the creation of the system necessary to support the outcomes that have already been created.