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UPDATE! Thanks to your support, the project has succesfully funded:

Thanks again to everyone who helped out!

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The “Language Hunting Proficiency Scale” is an adaptation of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for language speaking proficiency. In typical Languge Hunting style, it can understood in a fun, easy, “obvious” way using a party paradigm:

ACTFL Level LH ‘Party’ Level LH Description
Novice Tarzan at a Party Single words, short vocab lists
Intermediate Getting to the Party Ask questions and get answers to get needs
met:  “where/when is the party?”, “what should I wear?”, “what
should I bring?”
Advanced What happened at the party? Recount experience, tell story: “Tarzan drank too much
jungle juice and threw a chair out the window, the cops came and took
him to the drunk tank and I had to bail him out”
Superior Why do we have parties? Discuss social, economical, political, culture nature
of why we have parties

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